Saturday, July 18, 2009

Generacion por Cambio Comunique

Generación por Cambio (Generation for Change) is a politically independent organization comprised of young adults who are deeply concerned about the political ambivalence and growing instability in Honduras. Generación por Cambio was established with the primary objective of defending the Honduras Constitution and the rule of law against the administration of Manuel Zelaya Rosales and his Executive Branch of Government who have blatantly and repeatedly disregarded the rule of law, and violated the Honduras Constitution in his quest for hyper-presidency. With a firm commitment to create change, Generación por Cambio has organized creative and powerful events to protest against and denounce Zelaya’s attempts to consolidate power at the Executive Branch of Government and perpetuate himself in the position of President indefinitely. Unfortunately, our actions have generated attention to the point where some of our members where violently attacked outside the presidential palace by pro-Zelaya agents, a clear indication of the polarization, lack of tolerance, and overall tension that the Zelaya administration had generated in Honduras prior to his constitutional removal from office on June 28th, 2009. Furthermore, over the past couple weeks, in harmony with other pro-democratic groups and organizations, we have successfully managed to rally hundreds of thousands of Honduran youths and young adults throughout the country in an attempt to show the world that we are a united in our cause for freedom.
Generación por Cambio declares the following position statement to our friends and allies throughout the free world:

  1. We adamantly and unequivocally reject the return of Mr. Manuel Zelaya to Honduras unless he is willing to face the charges he is accused of including treason. Furthermore, we urge you not to support the reinstatement of Mr. Zelaya under any circumstances. We strongly believe that if reinstatement is mediated, even under the strictest of conditions, we would still be under the influence of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and our nation’s democracy as we know it would never survive.
  2. We denounce the actions and partiality of international media and international organizations like the OAS that consistently ignored the Honduran people’s cries for help prior to Mr. Manuel Zelaya’s constitutional deposition.
  3. We firmly reject any and all threats, insults and interference by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Honduran affairs and towards Honduran civil society.
    We will not tolerate impositions by foreign organizations or governments in matters that are of concern only to Honduras.
  4. We support the mediation efforts by Mr. Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica and we are grateful for his knowledge, wisdom and expertise. We hope this mediation will be successful. We are grateful for the solidarity of intellectuals, politicians, independent media and several international democratic organizations that have shown the world what has happened in Honduras in an objective and intelligent manner, and ask for their continued support.
  5. We appeal for your assistance for an honest and transparent dialogue, in search of accords in favor of the strengthening of our democracy through the realization of transparent and fair elections on November 29, 2009.
  6. To the people of the United States of America and the free world, with which we have collaborated throughout our history, we plea that you help us defend and ultimately sustain the same freedoms of which your country prides itself. And we beg that before aligning your nation with regional tyrants, yielding the liberty of seven million Hondurans to an uncertain destiny, that you should consider the very principles on which America stands, and if the great men of your past would have allowed a sister nation to lose the precious gifts of democracy and democracy.
  7. Finally, we call upon the international community, to respect the self determination and sovereignty of nations as the basis of peaceful coexistence in the world

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