Monday, June 29, 2009

Chávez and Honduras

In light of recent political events in Honduras, which led to yesterday's dismissal of then-President Manuel Zelaya; and considering the apparent confusion in the international community regarding what really happened; those of us who were in the country wish to share our views and opinion on what we lived in the flesh.

Today’s events started months, if not years, ago with the intromission from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in our internal political matters. We lament that our country's reality forced our elected and appointed public officials to take extreme measures such as the forceful dismissal of a sitting president. We have faith, however, in the sincere intentions of our members of Congress, of the Supreme Court, of our Attorney General and of the Chiefs of the Armed Forces; all of who acted in consultation and concert with each other to prevent the Chavistas from abusing our Constitution and dissolving Congress.

The previous administration's actions, decisions and Chavez-style rhetoric had an alarming effect on our morale, economy and social fabric. They had embarked us on a path all too similar to that of certain Latin American nations, which paid an incalculable price for their inaction in the face of divide-and-conquer populism.

We believe that private enterprise, private investment and corporate social responsibility are key to accelerating our country's recovery from this political, administrative and social catastrophe. We will do our best to continue pooling our efforts and resources with fellow business leaders to restore the confidence of all investors, foreign and domestic.
Please stay tuned to our situation. Until now, you have heard mostly from Chavez, Zelaya and their supporters. Help us tell the other side of the story to the international community, while we work hard with our new government to get the international recognition it deserves.

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