Sunday, June 28, 2009

Press Release

Press Release

Early Sunday morning, 28th of June, 2009, the president of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales was removed from office, amid the tense conditions that his illegal and anti-constitutional actions aimed to stay in office, provoked in the country. His removal was realized with strict adherence to the law; he elected to leave Honduras and is currently in Costa Rica.

In accordance with the Honduran constitution, he was succeeded by the president of Congress, Roberto Micheletti Bain, who has assured the country that presidential elections, programmed for the 28th of November of this year, will take place as scheduled. President Micheletti is putting together his cabinet, Congress is in session, and calm reigns in the country. Although the populace at large remains at home in order to avoid the possibility of violence at the hands of a few paid, organized gangs, democracy has been restored, and a new chapter of social conciliation has been opened.

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  1. Zelaya did NOT elect to leave Honduras but was taken from his home by armed, masked men. The majority of Hondurans do NOT support this illegal ouster. Opposition to Zelaya should have been undertaken in a legal manner.