Monday, June 29, 2009

Manuel Zelaya Rosales

Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, former President of Honduras was captured yesterday morning as a result of his ongoing criminal behavior. Zelaya openly started a series of events conducting to changes in the Constitution only possible by disruption of the rule of Law. Upon his capture Jose Manuel Zelaya prepared and signed a resignation letter. The Honduran Congress accepted Zelaya´s resignation and proceeded to a constitutional succession in the Executive.
Although Zelaya allegations of kidnapping his capture came based on a court Order and was transported to Costa Rica for his own wellbeing.
In the absence of the President the next in line is the Vice President, followed by the President of Congress. The Vice President of Honduras had resigned a few months ago to be able to run for the Presidency, coming elections in November 2009.
The Congress of Honduras appointed its President Roberto Micheletti Bain as constitutional successor of the President. This individual shall serve for the rest of the Presidency of Manuel Zelaya until January 27th, 2010.
The Constitution and the Rule of law has been preserved in Honduras.
According to Zelaya the US would provide an indication of its intervention in a ´coup d ´Etat´ if it were to recognize the new President as a legitimate successor to Zelaya. Obviously this is a cynical vocalization and a suggestion of Zelaya blackmailing Barack Obama.
It is the proper action by the US Administration to acknowledge this constitutional transition in Honduras.
Honduras has been a traditional friend and trade partner of the US. Puerto Cortes is a major port facility approved under the Transportation Security Initiative.

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  1. It is so dissapointing, not only that the US has taken the side of the anti-democratic Zelaya and the ALBA countries. What hurts the most is that the Latin American countries who know what is really happening have betrayed Honduras not giving it a chance to explain that MOST OF HONDURANS DON'T WANT a communist regime. We have to tell the world we do not want Mel back and the world should respect the wishes of us, the honduran people